In addition to my private boudoir sessions, I also offer more affordable boudoir mini sessions once a month during my Boudoir Girlfriend Marathons!

Boudoir Girlfriend Marathon is a lovely affordable boudoir experience here in Charm City that I host! You can invite your friends for yummy snacks, mimosas, refreshments and a surprise gift in additional to beautiful, bright boudoir images and polaroids. Every marathon will be a little different with props, confetti, balloon and themed items!

These are for ALL BODY TYPES, ALL AGES ALL, ALL EVERYTHING. You don’t need to be anything but YOURSELF for these sessions. These weekends are about uplifting women and LOVING our bodies just the way they are. You can also reserve a solo spot for a mini session if you don’t have a group of queens to go with! Bring your favorite playlist and spend a little time loving you!

I post the events on my Facebook page, they sell out fast so keep an eye out for them!