Matt and Morgan

I traveled to one of my FAVORITE PLACES EVER to photograph Matt and Morgan's Seattle engagement session. These two picked me up and drove me all around the city! It was one of those sessions where it feels like we are just friends hanging out. Looking forward to their big day in September! Thanks for teaching me all about the Washington wild berries and showing me around your lovely city.


Bianca and Jairo

I have known Bianca and Jairo since my Ringling College days. Although we had different friend circles, Bianca would ALWAYS give me a huge smile every single time I saw her. Jairo and I had an odd class together and spent the entire semester sitting across from each other and rolling our eyes at the same time, pained because we really just wanted to be working on our art. I had been following their relationship since graduating. I watched them move very far away from home, I watched them get two of the most adorable cats ever, I watched them both grow their creative careers successfully and then saw they got engaged. I can’t lie, I was secretly hoping they would ask me to photograph their wedding and… THEY DID. They got married in Sarasota at Bianca’s parents gorgeous home. Their backyard was lush and absolutely perfect for their wedding. They had a semi-private ceremony followed by their bigger reception the next day. Thank you for letting me document your dazzling celebration of love.

Tim and Christie

I met Christie and Tim last year for their engagement session in Baltimore. I had been to charm city quite a few times for previous sessions but they really knew the city and enjoyed telling me about it. They showed me Federal Hill, Fells Point, and took me to the American Visionary Art Museum. We talked about food and music and had a fantastic session. Little did I know I would be moving to Baltimore and right to Federal Hill just short of a year after! These two got married at the American Visionary Art Museum and their day was nothing short of MAGICAL. I’m so glad I met these two!

Lelieth and marques

Lelieth and Marques got married at stunning Manor House in Littleton, Colorado. Their brunch wedding can’t be described any other way but an absolute whirlwind of fabulousness, insane laughter, love, and commemorating. Some of my favorite parts of the day included a DIY doughnut wall, a grill with many diamonds, a crown that was passed around throughout the day, and a couple that is all around genuine. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!

Jonathan and Ru

Ru and Jonathan got married at their church in Arlington, Virginia. We absolutely loved working with these two and their energetic wedding party! 

Emilee and Levi

We met up with Emilee and Levi at the State Arboretum of Virginia (which is truly of my favorite spots to shoot, EVER)! It was very cold but that didn't stop us from having a SO MUCH fun during our shoot. They are getting married in June and I can't wait to photograph it! 

Garrett and Ali

Ali and Garrett celebrated their commitment to each other with a winter wedding at Noah’s Event Venue in Cranberry, PA. Once we met Ali and her incredible tribe of wonderful women we knew it was going to be an amazing day. Garrett’s team was equally as amazing as I think we spent more time laughing than photographing during the groomsmen shots! So, if you don’t know this, I LOVE SNOW and have been dreaming about photographing a wedding in the snow and it HAPPENED. I’m so glad it did with Ali and Garrett as they totally loved it and smiled through all of our time spent in it. I can’t write about this wedding without mentioning the AMAZING COOKIE TABLE. What an amazing merriment of love that I am grateful to have been able to be a part of.

Chelsea and Clint

Chelsea and Clint are two hard working Georgia natives! We did their engagement shoot at the gorgeous Millennium Gate museum in Atlanta. Looking forward to their big day in May! 


Adam and Cathleen

Adam and Cathleen had a private wedding ceremony yet still wanted to have a bigger celebration with their friends and family. Their reception was at Ruth Chris Steak House in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Due to awful weather we didn't get to go outside for any of the pictures but we still managed to get some great shots inside of the restaurant! These two were all smiles all day and surrounded by so much love!


Richard and Becca

Richard and Becca are a young and energetic couple living in Richmond. We did their engagement on a rainy fall day at their parent’s gorgeous property in Winchester which will also serve as their venue this summer. Looking forward to their big day!

Kaitlin and Christopher

Michael and I met Kaitlin and Chris at a different wedding earlier in the year and IMMEDIATELY clicked with them. We caught ourselves laughing with these two every time we had a minute of downtime so when they asked us to photograph their day, we were eager to say yes. These two have been together for a while and both enjoy geeking out over the same things. They had a fall wedding at the Fort Belvoir community center. To say their day was sweet is an understatement, as they literally had more candy and treats than any other wedding we’ve worked at in the past! I’m so happy we got to be a part of their day AND to have gained new friends.

Sarah and Michael

Sarah and Mike had a cozy and dazzling fall wedding at the Bear Mountain Inn in New York.Sarah and I know each other from undergrad and although we were bad at keeping in touch, I absolutely loved watching her and Mikes relationship blossom via social media. So naturally when she asked me to document her day, I freaked out a little! These two work out together, enjoy nature together and have the most adorable Pitbull, Boxer, Hound mix. Both love tattoos and are PERFECT for each other. I don’t think I have to say much else about their day, just look at their stunning photos!