Taylor and Emma

We had two fabulous sessions with Taylor and Emma before their big day, so I would say we got to know them pretty well. By the time their big day happened, we worked in absolutely harmony! Oh my gosh, these two are surrounded by heaps of LOVE and laughter and spent their wedding focusing on ONLY the things that mattered to them. As I’ve told Emma countless times, I would photograph their wedding a hundred more times if it meant being surrounded by so much genuine positivity!


Venue: Chartwell Golf and Country Club

Flowers: Clara Cardano

Videographer: Fordham Films, Ben Fordham,

DJ/Band: District Remix, Ryan Walburn

Planning: Morgan Thomas

Dress: Annapolis Bridal and Tuxedo

Adam and Nicole

This was our second engagement session and to be honest, I could photograph these two FOREVER. This was my first shoot at Patterson’s Park and it was in the Spring and simply everything was beautiful and blooming. These two get married in the Fall and I literally Can. Not. Wait.


Nicole and Adam are truly one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever gotten to work with! Their connection is really fun and inspiring to photograph AND they love cats just as much as we do.


Is it time for the wedding yet?

Baby Harlan

I’ve known this family since moving to Baltimore as I nannied for baby Olivia for a while. When they contacted me to do their maternity shots with Harlan in tow, I was SO EXCITED and then getting to do his newborn shots was absolutely the fried chicken on top of the waffle. HOW CUTE IS HE?! I honestly hope they keep having more cute children so I can continue to photograph them.

Robert and Dana

Robert and Dana had an intimate elopement at the DC War Memorial in the Spring. These two wanted their celebration to be small and to only include their closest family members and friends and of course their fur baby Lilly! After they tied the knot we walked all around The National mall and we even caught some of the LAST blossoms too.


We LOVE elopements!

Michael and Majka

So everyone has this place in their lives that they spent a lot of time, that shaped them in one way or another. I would say New College of Florida was one of those places for me. That’s where I met Majka and Michael about TEN years ago. These two have been through it ALL together, from moving cross country and back, career changes and adopting a doggo! They got married at the absolutely stunning Palma Sola Botanical Gardens, just a few blocks down from my high school in Bradenton, FL. They were surrounded by all of their friends and family, under the warm Florida sun with all of the gorgeous blooms. Majka even mad her own massive wedding arch with her father which was absolutely fabulous. So much love to these two for choosing us to document their big day in our hometown.



Venue| Palma Sola Botanical Gardens

Flowers| Sue Ellen’s  Floral Boutique

Caterer|MR Bones

Baker| Cupcake Delights

Kelsey and Gurpreet

Let me start off by saying that Kelsey and Gurpreet are couple GOALS for CBJ. Smart, funny, they like good music, enjoy their friends and gave us suggestions on where to eat in NYC (We went to two of their suggestions and WOW). They also have a REALLY cute puppy named ZELDA who was 7 months when we did our session in Downtown Baltimore.  

 These two started dating in the summer of 2011 after they met at an accepted students event at Drew University and the rest is history, baby. I am 100% ready for their wedding this August, STAY TUNED.

Sung and Justin

Sung and Justin were SO much fun to photograph. Sometimes sessions are just us kicking it with new friends and this was 100% one of those times. Although we have lived in Baltimore for a little over a year now, we have never done an engagement session in the Mount Vernon area so being able to explore this gorgeous place during spring for golden hour was absolutely PERFECT. We can’t wait to go back!

The Third Boudoir Girlfriend Marathon

This boudoir marathon was different from the last two because It was at MY PLACE in Federal Hill. I was absolutely terrified. Would people like my space? It’s not perfect. “Will anyone actually want to go up on the deck since it is kind of public?” “Will people like my decorations?” “It’s not a studio, it’s my home” Were some of my thoughts.

However, every single queen absolutely graced my space with their amazing presences and we had GREAT TIME. I really hoped a group of diverse women and it turned into was an EPIC group of diverse BOSS BABES who totally ROCKED my deck with 100000000% confidence. Some came alone, some came with a friend but all of them had their own stories and reasons for wanting a boudoir session.  These sessions were about body positivity and self-reflection through vulnerability and photography. I am SO grateful for the trust given to me and I can’t wait to help other women realize how DOPE they are through more marathons!

Leah and Dalton

Leah and Dalton can be described as absolutely loving, funny, airy, BOLD, down-to-earth, adventurous, intelligent, nerdy and really, really kind. Pre-wedding these two lived separate due to school/job opportunities but coast to coast couldn’t and wouldn’t stop these two lovebirds! Leah and I met via Skype several times as she was knee deep in books and lab work but her personality was INSANE and I knew it was going to be absolutely worth the trek to Key West. Can you talk about ENERGY? I don’t think Dalton stopped dancing once on their wedding day. Like, I’m truly not joking, the man DID NOT STOP. A photographer can only DREAM about wedding days and couples like this one!

I hope to see you both on a dance floor on the west coast one day, congrats!


Venue: Audubon House in Key West

Flowers: Love in Bloom

Baker: Key West Cakes

DJ/Band: Nick Puzo, DJ Nick Fresh

Shannon and Andrew

Absolutely obsessed Shannon and Andrew and their fur baby named Rugger!

So ready for their wedding this fall!

Location: Druid Hill Park

Oleg and Catherine

Oleg and Catherine met online and pretty quickly knew it was a forever thing.

These two rented a gorgeous house here in Maryland and completely transformed the space into a magical wedding party. They say Russians drink a lot, but WOW WHAT A PARTY. I have never witnessed as many shots taken as I did at this wedding. Absolutely gorgeous Russian traditions, a couples dance that was truly a level of perfection I hadn’t seen before and SO MUCH LAUGHTER AND LOVE. This wedding was 100% one for the books. CHEERS!

Ida and Joshua

I know I am always ranting about Federal Hill engagement sessions but they really are MY FAVORITE. These lovebirds are super familiar with the area so we stopped by one of their favorite restaurants: SOBO.

It was my first time doing a session in a restaurant like and it was SO fun. So thankful they let us in even though it wasn’t open!

I feel like Ida and Joshua were MADE for the camera, these two perfect beings are tying the knot this fall and I’M READY!

Brandy and Bryon, the spooky wedding

Brandy and Bryon, gosh where do I begin? I met these two via one of my best friends here in Maryland at a baby shower. Honestly, as soon as we met I knew I wanted to be their friend. Michael and I have LOTS of friends, but many of them are single. Finding couple friends who we BOTH really like and get along with/understand has been a little tough, since we’re two weirdos with very different personalities. BRANDY AND BRYON ARE OUR KIND OF PEOPLE and I am so happy we met and that I could document their engagement and Halloween wedding.


Their story:


They met online and chatted for a bit, but then Bryon made a move and popped up at Brandy’s location of employment at the time! This was the first que that this could be something.

Shortly after this they went on their first date! It was one of those situations where everyone around Brandy knew he was THE ONE. They dated for several years, moved in together and made a life together.


Brandy and Bryon are both total Halloween nerds. They literally buy each other gifts for the holiday every year. Halloween 2017 Bryon popped the question. Of course, in style with a little coffin box. She said YES and the rest is history.


They got married on Halloween day at Pinecliff park in Maryland. They had ZERO vendors at their wedding, it was one of those DIY and work with your friend’s type of weddings and it was absolutely perfect. These two care about their friends and family and little else, which is what I love about them!


Hoping for more Halloween weddings in the future!

Carolyn and Greg

Carolyn and Greg contacted me about photographing their elopement after they watched me photograph their friend’s wedding a while back. I LOVE elopements! Michael and I eloped and these small ceremonies are so intimate, it’s a unique sentiment being able to be a small part of that. However, sadly, I was already booked for their date! They quickly decided to CHANGE THE DATE OF THEIR ELOPEMENT so I could document it and I am so ecstatic they did.

They eloped at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. First of all, WOW. I can’t believe we had never been there before! It’s a HUGE amazing, lush floral oasis that I could have spent ALL day at.

It was fall, the colors were unreal!

This day was all about THESE TWO and their loving family. It was also one of the windiest events I’ve ever photographed but they literally blew me away with their admiration for each other so it was more than alright.

We walked all around this amazing venue soaking up love and nature.

Truly, a combination of my favorite things in life.

The first Boudoir Girlfriend Marathon

I’ve been wanting to get really into boudoir photography for a WHILE. However, I kept asking women and their responses were all very similar over and over again.


I’m not confident enough

I’m not there yet

Aren’t they for brides?

My body doesn’t look the same after I had kids

Maybe once I lose more weight

Aren’t boudoirs really expensive?

I don’t have fancy lingerie

I’m single


These were just some of the responses and honestly they made me pretty sad.


One of the biggest thing seemed to be that women felt awkward and were worried about the experience as a whole. Boudoirs are often photographed by men in large studio types of settings. So, how could I make this different? THROW A BOUDOIR MARATHON GEARED TOWARDS FRIENDSHIP, EMPOWERMENT AND SELF LOVE. All women deserve these kind of photographs whether they come alone or with their girlfriends, they should feel comfortable, happy and themselves! ALL bodies are worth a boudoir session and the result was an AMAZING group of diverse women from many different walks of life, celebrating themselves. IT WAS EVERYTHING! I met so many strong women who all had their own reasons for wanting these pictures. It was SO fun! There were lots of cheers, Cardi B was a theme and a confetti party in bed with besties DEF happened.   

About the space:

My dear friend Ines owns a row home near Pattersons Park which she has styled into a bright, inviting space that she rents out! The first floor has a gorgeous living space, open kitchen with champagne for the queens and a covered patio! Upstairs are two gorgeous bedrooms. We mainly shot in the first space and used the second for changing and fixing makeup! Portable bluetooth speakers made bringing music everywhere a breeze, giving everyone the option to really create the mood they want!


I was nervous since this was a whole new project for me and am so happy with the result. It would not have been a success if these women didn’t trust me / support me so here is a HUGE thank you to them.


I really hope to continue doing these when wedding season is slow, changing the themes and crafting different moods/spaces throughout the year!



Baltimore Besties

MY FIRST EVER BESTIE SESSION! These three literally were SO MUCH FUN to photograph. They have been friends for a really, really long time and have been there for each others huge life events! It’s International Women’s day tomorrow so I figured this was a PERFECT time to show off these strong and beautiful women embracing each other and #girlpower

Holly and Mike

Oh my goodness, this was one of the W I N D I E S T engagement sessions I have ever had. However, a little wind did NOT stop Holly and Mike from having fun for their session at Federal Hill Park. These two are just a bright and airy as their photographs and their summer wedding could NOT come soon enough.

Kira and Jay

When Kira and Jay contacted us about their short wedding day needs in Richmond, Virginia which happened to be on hubby’s birthday we immediately said YES! We’ve been hearing about Richmond since we moved to the area and hadn’t had a chance to venture out yet!


We met Kira at her parent’s beautiful home in Libby Hill Park and from there ventured to their church and then back to Libby Park! We only shot with them for two hours but it was a BEAUTIFUL whirlwind which ended with the ENTIRE wedding party singing happy birthday to Michael. Scroll all the way down to see him happy receiving birthday love!


So, how did they meet?

“This is completely out of character for either of us, but here goes: we met at the gym nearby (O2 fitness). It was my first time there after moving to the area. I ran on the treadmill and then went to stretch in the free weight area. I wasn't sure if I could use a mat that was already rolled-out or if someone else would be coming back to it, so I asked the only person in the free weight area at the time, Jay, a regular at that gym. He informed me that I was free to use the mat, so I proceeded with my workout and thought nothing else of that interaction. After stretching I moved on to do some leg weights. Between my reps on one of the machines, Jay came over and complimented my sneakers (which are black with bright highlighter pink, blue, and green accents). I complimented his in turn and then awkwardly realized he wanted to continue talking, but I don't know how to keep a conversation going with someone I've just met. Thankfully he was in a pretty confident mood and asked me if I was a student and if I was new to the area. I answered him and asked him similar questions in turn. Then here's the kicker: he asked if I would like to get a drink sometime. As someone who was new to the area and who's never "gotten a drink" with any guy ever, I have no idea what made me answer the way I did, but after very rapidly processing Jay's question and my recent move to this new area and my limited experience with dating, I decided to go out on a limb and say "yes." I guess both of us were feeling a little more confident than usual that day. Anyways, I gave him my number and he texted me later that day to give me his, spelled my name wrong in his first message, prompted an exchange of some terrible jokes, and the rest is history.”


These two love board games, cooking together, listening to music together and truly enjoy EVERY bit of life together. Our time together was short but we will undeniably never forget it.

Eliberto and Molly

Molly and Eliberto met in El Salvador! I gathered three magical things during my time with them: They are activists, energetically working to make things better in this world. They are passionate about everything they do in their lives and radiate so much love! Lastly, that family means more to them than anything else! Photographing this absolute blending of cultures, rituals and traditions was unquestionably an experience we are proud to have been a part of. They got married at the gorgeous Stonewall golf club in Gainesville, Virginia which meant GOLF CARTS! Who doesn’t enjoy riding around during golden hour for pictures?!

Antoinette and Marcus

Antoinette and Marcus have a love story that is kind is actual fireworks! The sort of love where you meet, you KNOW and you decide to make it FOREVER pretty much immediately.

I’ll save all of the details for their wedding post in the future!

 If you know me, you know that I am absolutely obsessed with all plants, flowers, and succulents. My actual life goal is to have more plants than space in my home. (Not sure how hubby feels about it).

Therefor The Rawlings Conservatory is one of my FAVORITE places to visit. Every space feels different and lush and I WISH I COULD DO ALL ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS HERE. This was my first session here and I am hoping for many more.