Melanie and Reginald

Melanie contacted me only TWO WEEKS before her wedding day. She had hired a two photographer team but one cancelled so she was looking for another second shooter. We actually had plans with my family that weekend but something had JUST come up the day before and they were no longer able to come up to Baltimore, meaning I was available. Hey, stuff happens for a reason, right?!


These two got married at the DC War Memorial with all of their closest friends and family members. I’ve walked by this countless times and have always wanted to photograph a wedding there! Melanie wore a literal DREAM of a dress that draped down the stairs in the most magical way EVER. Everything about their ceremony was beautiful, meaningful and simple. So happy I got to be a small part of their day!

Morgan and Matt

Morgan and Matt got married at Maroni Meadows in Snohomish, Washington at the beginning of September. This venue was definitely one I won’t forget anytime soon, absolutely lush land with berries, more flowers and plants than I could ever name and absolutely astonishing details. Every single inch of this place is catered to having a beautiful, romantic celebration.  Matt and Morgan each have unique styles which really came through with their wedding elements, from her skull shoes to décor themed after movies and a water gun soaker exit down the aisle.  Nothing on this day was ordinary and I can certainly say the same about them. Absolute gems, rock on you two!

Brandy and Bryon

Oh man, where do I start with these two? Okay, so I met them at one of my best friends’ baby shower at the beginning of this year. They both had this total chill vibe that I love, they are completely covered in absolutely beautiful tattoos, they are just as obsessed with their cat as we are with ours, they love good music. Essentially: WE NEEDED TO BE FRIEND! Fast forward a bit and we are quickly becoming friends having hang out sessions, going out to dinners and adventuring in Baltimore. These two decided to get married on Halloween just a few months ago AND I AM SO EXCITED TO PHOTOGRAPH IT IN EXACTLY ONE WEEK.


I’m going to save their love story for their wedding blog which won’t be too far away, so keep an eye out! It’s going to be spooky.

Emma and Taylor

So, let me start out with saying I am absolutely obsessed with these two. Emma and Taylor absolutely compliment my relaxed/hangout style of shooting and we did TWO sessions together. These lovebirds met at a friend’s bonfire in 2010 and have been together since! In their early days of talking they would always go to Taco Bell to eat and talk, these meals ended up lasting 3+ hours because they could talk forever.

 June of this year they were on their family vacation in Bethany Beach, Delaware. During a day that Emma thought would be normal, Taylor and the family planned their special engagement moment! Taylor asked her to go for a walk by the water, and while the family hung back, he got on one knee and POPPED THE BIG QUESTION!

 We did a cute session at the park and later on had a session at Camden Yards Stadium which was pretty epic! I seriously cannot wait for their wedding.

Alexander and Sydney

Sydney and Alex met through mutual friends at the Bel Air volunteer fire company. A whole month of texting happened before these two actually met face to face which happened to be VALENTINE’S DAY. They had an immediate connection but decided to make their official day the 15th to avoid having a holiday anniversary. Sydney remembers immediately calling her friend and saying “I have a boyfriend and he’s amazing, handsome and funny. Everything felt so natural.” They both knew early on that they were soulmates, and in June Alex popped the question! They were in Ocean city and while walking down the pier Sydney saw her friends and family waiting for them. These two own a business called Dowling Design, they do wood-work, vinyl and home décor. Alex also works full-time overnights at a quarry while Sydney is in school to become a radiographic technologist. We did their session at my favorite place to do engagement sessions in Baltimore: Federal Hill Park, and had a great time doing it. These two cuties are definitely ready to get married and I can’t wait to capture it!

Gina and Brannan

Gina and Brannan got married at the historic Cabell’s Mill in Virginia. The mill was built before the 1800’s and you can really feel the history of the place. The surrounding landscape and gardens were also absolutely stunning! I met these two for their engagement session last year, it was cold and wet but these two had such a warming love, no one actually noticed. Gina and Brannan really just wanted the basics for their day, no fuss-no-frills but really just a celebration of their bond which has literally carried through ALL over the world, as they both have taught internationally and have traveled extensively. These two are passionate about the world we live in and are the kind of couple who spends their time trying to make it a better place. Whether it is environmentally or educationally, they are set to make a difference and I am pretty proud to have been able to be a small part of their huge lives.

Nicole and Adam

I met Nicole via Instagram and she asked me to do a session at Federal Hill Park with her and her fiancé. Her Instagram tag name is “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cat mom.” And I mean, we all know how I feel about cats and fellow cat mothers. As soon as we met I knew it was going to be a really fun session! Nicole is one of those humans who has an infectious laugh and Adam’s adoration for her was so so so fun to capture. I think we spent most of our session giggling (as you see in the pictures!). I figured these two already had a wedding photographer, so I didn’t even ask about it. So when they asked me to photograph their wedding, I died inside a little with excitement! How did they meet? They actually have known each other for a long time. Nicole was very good friends with Adam’s little sister (she was even the MOH in her wedding!). and they essentially ignored each other for 6 entire years. One could say video games and fear of a very sassy Nicole kept them apart. Eventually, they spoke about a TV show and from then on the conversations just never ended! We are actually going to do another session before their big day next year and I can’t wait.  I mean, look at them!

Ricky and Becca

Becca and Ricky got married at Becca’s absolutely beautiful family home in the woods of Winchester, VA. (We actually photographed her sister’s wedding before, which is super cool!) Although rain was in the forecast and constantly luring, this couple stayed positive and relaxed. The girls got ready upstairs while the men enjoyed drinks and pool in the basement. Every detail of this wedding was crafted with love. Their ceremony was gorgeous and did NOT get rained out and they had some of the best vegetarian food I’ve ever had!

Annie and Mike

Annie and Mike got married at what quickly is becoming my new fav Maryland venue: The Cloisters Castle! These two were definitely MY kind of couple and I loved everything about documenting their day. They really just cherished the five necessities on their wedding day: love, food, friends, family, and FUN. It was a brunch wedding and… I mean… who doesn’t love BRUNCH? Their gorgeous dog Lilah was also part of the ceremony (you CANNOT go wrong with a ceremony pup) and Mike’s vows literally had me silently-ugly crying in the isle. I’m pretty positive these two are going to lead amazing lives together with more animals and succulents along the way!

Levi and Emilee

We met Emilee and Levi for their engagement session last winter! It was totally freezing but we had a blast and I COULDN’T wait for their wedding. They got married in charming Berryville, Virginia. E and L had a big wedding party that truly made sure they had an amazing day. So much love and dedication made it clear Emily and Levi have a huge support system. Prayers, tears, an absolutely magical rainbow, a sunset to dream of and so.much.dancing. A wedding I don’t think anyone will forget anytime soon.

They recently moved away from the DMV area to North Carolina. Thank you two for letting us capture your day and best wishes down south!

Brittney and Avi


Brittney and Avi had a beautiful traditional Jewish wedding this spring. They got married at Glen Echo Park which is probably one of the most interesting places I have ever photographed a wedding! It’s a cultural and art center in Maryland which used to be a popular amusement park in the early 1900’s. A great day with cotton candy, a carousel and, dancing.

Matt and Morgan

I traveled to one of my FAVORITE PLACES EVER to photograph Matt and Morgan's Seattle engagement session. These two picked me up and drove me all around the city! It was one of those sessions where it feels like we are just friends hanging out. Looking forward to their big day in September! Thanks for teaching me all about the Washington wild berries and showing me around your lovely city.


Bianca and Jairo

I have known Bianca and Jairo since my Ringling College days. Although we had different friend circles, Bianca would ALWAYS give me a huge smile every single time I saw her. Jairo and I had an odd class together and spent the entire semester sitting across from each other and rolling our eyes at the same time, pained because we really just wanted to be working on our art. I had been following their relationship since graduating. I watched them move very far away from home, I watched them get two of the most adorable cats ever, I watched them both grow their creative careers successfully and then saw they got engaged. I can’t lie, I was secretly hoping they would ask me to photograph their wedding and… THEY DID. They got married in Sarasota at Bianca’s parents gorgeous home. Their backyard was lush and absolutely perfect for their wedding. They had a semi-private ceremony followed by their bigger reception the next day. Thank you for letting me document your dazzling celebration of love.

Tim and Christie

I met Christie and Tim last year for their engagement session in Baltimore. I had been to charm city quite a few times for previous sessions but they really knew the city and enjoyed telling me about it. They showed me Federal Hill, Fells Point, and took me to the American Visionary Art Museum. We talked about food and music and had a fantastic session. Little did I know I would be moving to Baltimore and right to Federal Hill just short of a year after! These two got married at the American Visionary Art Museum and their day was nothing short of MAGICAL. I’m so glad I met these two!

Lelieth and marques

Lelieth and Marques got married at stunning Manor House in Littleton, Colorado. Their brunch wedding can’t be described any other way but an absolute whirlwind of fabulousness, insane laughter, love, and commemorating. Some of my favorite parts of the day included a DIY doughnut wall, a grill with many diamonds, a crown that was passed around throughout the day, and a couple that is all around genuine. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!

Jonathan and Ru

Ru and Jonathan got married at their church in Arlington, Virginia. We absolutely loved working with these two and their energetic wedding party! 

Emilee and Levi

We met up with Emilee and Levi at the State Arboretum of Virginia (which is truly of my favorite spots to shoot, EVER)! It was very cold but that didn't stop us from having a SO MUCH fun during our shoot. They are getting married in June and I can't wait to photograph it!