Gina and Brannan

Gina and Brannan got married at the historic Cabell’s Mill in Virginia. The mill was built before the 1800’s and you can really feel the history of the place. The surrounding landscape and gardens were also absolutely stunning! I met these two for their engagement session last year, it was cold and wet but these two had such a warming love, no one actually noticed. Gina and Brannan really just wanted the basics for their day, no fuss-no-frills but really just a celebration of their bond which has literally carried through ALL over the world, as they both have taught internationally and have traveled extensively. These two are passionate about the world we live in and are the kind of couple who spends their time trying to make it a better place. Whether it is environmentally or educationally, they are set to make a difference and I am pretty proud to have been able to be a small part of their huge lives.