Bianca and Jairo

I have known Bianca and Jairo since my Ringling College days. Although we had different friend circles, Bianca would ALWAYS give me a huge smile every single time I saw her. Jairo and I had an odd class together and spent the entire semester sitting across from each other and rolling our eyes at the same time, pained because we really just wanted to be working on our art. I had been following their relationship since graduating. I watched them move very far away from home, I watched them get two of the most adorable cats ever, I watched them both grow their creative careers successfully and then saw they got engaged. I can’t lie, I was secretly hoping they would ask me to photograph their wedding and… THEY DID. They got married in Sarasota at Bianca’s parents gorgeous home. Their backyard was lush and absolutely perfect for their wedding. They had a semi-private ceremony followed by their bigger reception the next day. Thank you for letting me document your dazzling celebration of love.