Kevin and Jessica

GUYS! Meet Jessica, Kevin and their two A D O R A B L E dogs Josey and Bear.

 These two Hampden residents absolutely love roaming around their neighborhood and trying new places. As self-proclaimed foodies we of course had to hit up some of their favorite eateries.

 Typically, I would write up something cute about how they met with info provided but Jessica’s paragraph about how they met is PERFECT so here it is y’all!

 “Kevin and I first started talking in middle school. I saw a friend on AIM (oh the days before texting!) and decided on a whim to message her. Turns out Kevin was at my friend's house visiting her brother. He happened to be playing games on her computer and figured he would jokingly respond as her but quickly the facade was up. We found that we had some similar interests so he shared his real username and from that point on, we chatted almost exclusively online as he graduated up to high school. We even had a mutual friend act as our go-between to pass manga and movies back and forth, and eventually we would start to include handwritten letters. 

 We remained close friends over the years, and once I joined him at the high school, we began to hang out in person too. We would hang out whenever we went on school-funded Art Trips as we were both in the National Art Honors Society, and started sharing music and discussing our favorite super heroes (he's a Super-Man and Flash fan, I was more into Batman and the Justice League). We were seeing different people at the time but found it very comfortable to continue spending time together on and offline. 

 By the time my senior year ended, we were both single and our innocent flirting became a little more serious as we went on a few dates during the summer, but it just didn't feel right. In retrospect, we were both still a little sore from our previous breakups and not ready for one another yet. Heartbroken, I headed to college and we lost touch.

 We would occasionally say hi on Facebook and give each other small little updates, but otherwise didn't really get back into the swing of things until four years later. Unbeknownst to me, my mother had been seeing him frequently at his workplace and would spark up a conversation each time. Dropping little updates and hints about how I was doing.

 Then one day, while I was on holiday break, I ran into him at a store and we struck up a conversation. We decided to make a dinner date to catch up, as friends. Shortly after, we realized not only did we still have feelings for one another still, but that we were both more mature and truly ready to give our relationship a real try.”

 I am SO EXCITED for their wedding as I know there will be SO MUCH color and love.