Kira and Jay

When Kira and Jay contacted us about their short wedding day needs in Richmond, Virginia which happened to be on hubby’s birthday we immediately said YES! We’ve been hearing about Richmond since we moved to the area and hadn’t had a chance to venture out yet!


We met Kira at her parent’s beautiful home in Libby Hill Park and from there ventured to their church and then back to Libby Park! We only shot with them for two hours but it was a BEAUTIFUL whirlwind which ended with the ENTIRE wedding party singing happy birthday to Michael. Scroll all the way down to see him happy receiving birthday love!


So, how did they meet?

“This is completely out of character for either of us, but here goes: we met at the gym nearby (O2 fitness). It was my first time there after moving to the area. I ran on the treadmill and then went to stretch in the free weight area. I wasn't sure if I could use a mat that was already rolled-out or if someone else would be coming back to it, so I asked the only person in the free weight area at the time, Jay, a regular at that gym. He informed me that I was free to use the mat, so I proceeded with my workout and thought nothing else of that interaction. After stretching I moved on to do some leg weights. Between my reps on one of the machines, Jay came over and complimented my sneakers (which are black with bright highlighter pink, blue, and green accents). I complimented his in turn and then awkwardly realized he wanted to continue talking, but I don't know how to keep a conversation going with someone I've just met. Thankfully he was in a pretty confident mood and asked me if I was a student and if I was new to the area. I answered him and asked him similar questions in turn. Then here's the kicker: he asked if I would like to get a drink sometime. As someone who was new to the area and who's never "gotten a drink" with any guy ever, I have no idea what made me answer the way I did, but after very rapidly processing Jay's question and my recent move to this new area and my limited experience with dating, I decided to go out on a limb and say "yes." I guess both of us were feeling a little more confident than usual that day. Anyways, I gave him my number and he texted me later that day to give me his, spelled my name wrong in his first message, prompted an exchange of some terrible jokes, and the rest is history.”


These two love board games, cooking together, listening to music together and truly enjoy EVERY bit of life together. Our time together was short but we will undeniably never forget it.