The first Boudoir Girlfriend Marathon

I’ve been wanting to get really into boudoir photography for a WHILE. However, I kept asking women and their responses were all very similar over and over again.


I’m not confident enough

I’m not there yet

Aren’t they for brides?

My body doesn’t look the same after I had kids

Maybe once I lose more weight

Aren’t boudoirs really expensive?

I don’t have fancy lingerie

I’m single


These were just some of the responses and honestly they made me pretty sad.


One of the biggest thing seemed to be that women felt awkward and were worried about the experience as a whole. Boudoirs are often photographed by men in large studio types of settings. So, how could I make this different? THROW A BOUDOIR MARATHON GEARED TOWARDS FRIENDSHIP, EMPOWERMENT AND SELF LOVE. All women deserve these kind of photographs whether they come alone or with their girlfriends, they should feel comfortable, happy and themselves! ALL bodies are worth a boudoir session and the result was an AMAZING group of diverse women from many different walks of life, celebrating themselves. IT WAS EVERYTHING! I met so many strong women who all had their own reasons for wanting these pictures. It was SO fun! There were lots of cheers, Cardi B was a theme and a confetti party in bed with besties DEF happened.   

About the space:

My dear friend Ines owns a row home near Pattersons Park which she has styled into a bright, inviting space that she rents out! The first floor has a gorgeous living space, open kitchen with champagne for the queens and a covered patio! Upstairs are two gorgeous bedrooms. We mainly shot in the first space and used the second for changing and fixing makeup! Portable bluetooth speakers made bringing music everywhere a breeze, giving everyone the option to really create the mood they want!


I was nervous since this was a whole new project for me and am so happy with the result. It would not have been a success if these women didn’t trust me / support me so here is a HUGE thank you to them.


I really hope to continue doing these when wedding season is slow, changing the themes and crafting different moods/spaces throughout the year!