Brandy and Bryon, the spooky wedding

Brandy and Bryon, gosh where do I begin? I met these two via one of my best friends here in Maryland at a baby shower. Honestly, as soon as we met I knew I wanted to be their friend. Michael and I have LOTS of friends, but many of them are single. Finding couple friends who we BOTH really like and get along with/understand has been a little tough, since we’re two weirdos with very different personalities. BRANDY AND BRYON ARE OUR KIND OF PEOPLE and I am so happy we met and that I could document their engagement and Halloween wedding.


Their story:


They met online and chatted for a bit, but then Bryon made a move and popped up at Brandy’s location of employment at the time! This was the first que that this could be something.

Shortly after this they went on their first date! It was one of those situations where everyone around Brandy knew he was THE ONE. They dated for several years, moved in together and made a life together.


Brandy and Bryon are both total Halloween nerds. They literally buy each other gifts for the holiday every year. Halloween 2017 Bryon popped the question. Of course, in style with a little coffin box. She said YES and the rest is history.


They got married on Halloween day at Pinecliff park in Maryland. They had ZERO vendors at their wedding, it was one of those DIY and work with your friend’s type of weddings and it was absolutely perfect. These two care about their friends and family and little else, which is what I love about them!


Hoping for more Halloween weddings in the future!