The Third Boudoir Girlfriend Marathon

This boudoir marathon was different from the last two because It was at MY PLACE in Federal Hill. I was absolutely terrified. Would people like my space? It’s not perfect. “Will anyone actually want to go up on the deck since it is kind of public?” “Will people like my decorations?” “It’s not a studio, it’s my home” Were some of my thoughts.

However, every single queen absolutely graced my space with their amazing presences and we had GREAT TIME. I really hoped a group of diverse women and it turned into was an EPIC group of diverse BOSS BABES who totally ROCKED my deck with 100000000% confidence. Some came alone, some came with a friend but all of them had their own stories and reasons for wanting a boudoir session.  These sessions were about body positivity and self-reflection through vulnerability and photography. I am SO grateful for the trust given to me and I can’t wait to help other women realize how DOPE they are through more marathons!